How to Add Menu Items into the Grubhub Direct System


Hello, and welcome to this Grubhub Dashboard walkthrough. In this video we’ll show you how to add menu items into the Grubhub Direct System.


When creating item-based promotions you will need to make sure to tag your items appropriately for the promotion. Before you can do that, however, you must make sure that all of the items you’d like to include are already your Grubhub Direct system.


To add a menu item into the system, the item must first be purchased via an in-store transaction, an order ahead transaction, or in some cases both, at least one time for it to appear in your inventory. Over time, this will happen naturally as your customers purchase items through your app. However, if you are creating a promotion around an item that may not already be in the system it’s important to manually add the item by purchasing it through the right channels.


Once the item has been sent through the system, it will appear in the items page in the dashboard. To view your items click the Item Tagging button on the right-hand panel. From the drop-down menu click Items. From here you can see a running list of all of your menu items. Please note that our system will treat differences in capitalization, spelling, or abbreviation as new items. If your in-store menu passes us a SKU for “Cold Brew 12oz” (spelled with capitalization) and your order ahead menu lists the same item as “cold brew 12oz”, (spelled without capitalization) that will appear as two separate items. You can also use the search bar at the top, or scroll through the items to find a specific item.


If you’d like more information about adding menu items for your business, please reach out to your Technical Brand Manager.


Thanks for watching this Grubhub dashboard walkthrough. For more videos like these, please visit the help center!

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