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Hello, and welcome to this Grubhub Dashboard walkthrough. In this video we’ll show you how to create an email template from within the dashboard.


When sending correspondence to customers for promotions and marketing purposes, you may decide to set up an email during that process. However, you can also create email templates that you can save for later use, and edit on the fly. 


To do so, click the Email Templates button on the left-hand panel. From the drop-down menu click the +New Template button. From here you’ll be brought to the email templates page which allows you to create new email templates with our Rich Email Editor. 


The Rich Email Editor is a drag and drop tool that allows you to create stylish emails without needing to know HTML. When you’re first brought to the page, add a name for the template for your records. You’ll see that a basic outline has already been created for you, shown in a grid structure. All portions of the outline can be deleted, added, and edited to your liking. Simply click the content box you’d like to edit to view the editable content properties. 


On the right you’ll see a list of content that you can add to your email - image, button, divider, social, icon, and text. In order to add new content just click and hold on the content you’d like to add and drag it over to the part of the email you’d like to place it, then click the new piece of content to edit it.


Let’s quickly run through the content you can add. 

  1. Images - Drag and drop image content then click Browse to select an image you’ve already uploaded, or click Upload to import an image from your desktop.
  2. Button - Drag and drop a button in order to share a hyperlink to a different website. Copy and paste your URL under “Link Type.”
  3. Dividers - Dividers allow for an aesthetic break in your email content. In content preferences, you can change the style and size of the divider.
  4. Social - Drag and drop social content to upload links to your social media accounts. You can change the appearance of the icons by clicking the dropdown menu next to “Select icon collection.” By default Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are made available, but you can always choose to remove those by clicking Delete. You can also add different social media icons by clicking Add New Icon and selecting from the options. Before finishing, enter your URLs for your different social media accounts.
  5. Icons - Icons allow you to use images or graphics you already have to create small icons on your email. These are primarily for aesthetic purposes.
  6. Text - Text allows you to add copy to your emails. Much like word processors, you can change the fonts, colors, size, and all other formatting by clicking the text content block.

Finish your email template by adding or removing content until you are satisfied with the results. Then click save. Remember, you can always come back to edit your template if you need to.


Thanks for watching this Grubhub dashboard walkthrough. For more videos like these, please visit the help center!

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