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Hello, and welcome to this Grubhub dashboard walkthrough. In this video, we’ll show you how to view an order’s transaction details.

For a variety of reasons you may need to see the breakdown of an order including price, fees, and items purchased. 

To view the transaction details for a customer’s order, first search and find the customer you’d like to view. On the customer profile page you will automatically be brought to their transactions section. Scroll down to find the correct transaction by cross referencing date, time, and location of the order. Once you’ve found the correct transaction, click on the hyperlink associated with the unique “Order ID” for the transaction.

This will bring you to the order’s transaction details page. At the top you can view order details such as date, time, status and location of the transaction as well as fulfillment type and point of sale.

Further scrolling shows financial information for the transaction on the right. 

On the left you will see the order composition. If you’d like to view the items purchased in this order click the drop down carrot at the top to view a rundown of the items included in this order. Below this you can also view any redemptions, or rewards, attributed to the order, as well as tax and tip.

Please note, the transactions details page is not intended to function as a receipt. All information included here is for internal use only. 

Thanks for watching this Grubhub dashboard walkthrough. For more videos like these, please visit the help center!

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