How to Assign a Bank Account to a Location


Hello, and welcome to this Grubhub dashboard walkthrough. In this video, we will show you how to assign a bank account to a location.


Before a location can receive funds from ACH transfers, they must have a bank account that is added to the dashboard linked to that location. To add a bank account to a specific location, click the Settings tab on the left-hand panel. From the drown-down menu click Locations to view a running list of all locations you have access to. Find the location you’d like to add a bank account to and click Edit


Please Note: you can quickly identify if a location has a bank account associated with it by checking the status of the Payment Preference Column. If you see “Do Not Pay” that means a bank account has not yet been linked to that location.


On the Location’s page, scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the Payment preference field. Click the dropdown menu and select the bank account you would like to associate with this location. Click Update Location to finalize the change. 


Thanks for watching this Grubhub dashboard how-to. For more videos like this, please visit the help center!

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