I received an "Updates to Terms of Service" email and have follow up questions or wish to unsubscribe

LevelUp powers mobile ordering and rewards apps and websites for hundreds of restaurants and coffee shops around the country. If you received an "Updates to Terms of Service" email from us, it means that you signed up with us through one of the apps or websites we power. We encourage you to read through the updated Terms of Service (more detailed specifics are provided in the email you received). The updates will go into effect today, February 2nd. By continuing to use the LevelUp platform via our Services and company-branded apps and websites, you acknowledge these updates and agree to comply with the updated terms.

I'd like to unsubscribe from receiving emails

We can unsubscribe you from promotional mailings if you'd like. However, by law, this will not affect emailed receipts, payment related issues, or updates to the terms of service like this one. If necessary you can set up filters in your inbox to catch those for you.

I'd like to deactivate my account

If you'd prefer to deactivate the account permanently just respond with a written confirmation to deactivate and we can also process that for you. 

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