How can I add points, visits, or the amount spent by customers who forgot to scan the app?

Amidst the hustle and bustle of our daily adventures, folks might forget (or otherwise aren't able) to scan their app to pay in-store. How can we help customers who missed out on earning loyalty progress for their purchase?

Easy: customer campaign progress can be adjusted right from the Merchant Dashboard! This article covers the easiest way to find your customer as well as how to make the right changes to their account.

In order to follow the steps outlined in this guide, be sure to first sign in to the Merchant Dashboard using your LevelUp account credentials. New to the Dashboard? Check out the Managing Your Account section for more details, or email for help. For assistance with your account or access level, please reach out to your corporate IT team.


Locating Your Customer's Guest Profile

Before we can make any changes to a customer's account, we'll need to first track down the customer's Guest Profile.

  1. Click the "Find Guest" button located at the very top...


    ...and a new search window will pop up right underneath:


  2. In the corresponding text fields, enter the customer's first name, last name, email address, or phone number.

    Note that none of these fields are required and that you can fill in as much or as little information as you have on hand - we recommend using an email address for best results!

  3. Click the orange "Find Guest" button to begin your search.

Any Guest Profiles that match the provided search terms will appear in a list near the bottom of the page. To access their Overview, you can either click on the customer's name on the left-hand side, or on the link titled "View Profile" on the far right, as highlighted below:


Adjusting Your Customer's Campaign Progress

The Overview section of any Guest Profile provides a summary of that customer's account, including their most recent visit and how much they've spent using the app over time. To make changes to their account, including campaign progress adjustments, you'll need to head to the Administrative Actions tab.

  1. From the Overview page, under the customer's name and profile icon, click "Administrative Actions":


  2. At the bottom of this page is a section titled "Adjust Campaign Progress" - select the desired campaign name from the drop-down menu under "Select Campaign":


    The campaign goals and the guest's current progress will automatically update according to your selection, and can serve as a great point of reference for making sure you've selected the correct campaign!

  3. In the text field beneath "Add Or Remove Progress," enter in the points earned, the number of visits accrued, or the amount spent by the customer.

    For example, if I spent exactly $10.99 towards a spend-based campaign, my progress would need to be adjusted by 10.99, as shown here:


  4. Click "Submit Progress Adjustment," and at the prompt, click "Okay" to confirm.

    As long as you receive a green confirmation banner...


    ...your customer's progress has been successfully adjusted! Woohoo!

These changes are typically instant, but if your customer doesn't see this change in their app right away, they may need to log out and then log back in to refresh the display.

Made a mistake and need to "undo"? Progress adjustments can be reversed by entering a negative amount, like so:


Important Note: Status levels or rewards that are issued as a result of a Dashboard progress adjustment cannot be reversed.

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Looking for another article? More information about Guest Profiles, the Hub, LevelUp, and more can be found in our EKB for Businesses.

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