I Participated in the Restaurant's Rewards Program before the App. What Happened to my Previous Rewards?

A lot of the merchants that join the LevelUp network do so after already having run a rewards program outside of LevelUp for a number of years. How the merchant manages this transfer to the new program is up to the merchant, and is sometimes handled completely outside of LevelUp! Most of the time, employees in the store ought to be able to explain how the rewards program will transfer over. That said, we’re included some of the most common ways merchants transfer old rewards programs to the new app below:


No Changes Made

Some merchants choose to keep their out-of-app rewards program and have the/a LevelUp app as just another offered payment tender. In situations like this, your previous rewards program will not be affected and will continue to function as intended!


Previous Program Moved to the New Program via email, Card or Phone Number

Rewards programs are always tied to some kind of unique information, most often being an email address, a loyalty card, or a phone number. If you registered or may have registered an email address with the previous program, we recommend signing up for the new rewards app with that same email, as that’s often how your rewards transfer to the new app.

Alternatively, some apps offer a ‘Migrate Points’ section where you can type in your previous loyalty card number or phone number, which will also move your rewards points over to the new app.  


Help! I transferred my points, but I don’t see them or they didn’t all transfer!

Occasionally, the new rewards app uses a different scale than the previous rewards program, which can account for temporary confusion (ie the previous program was spend $100 to earn $10, the new program is spend $50 to earn $5). Rest assured, the goal is often to move an equivalent point value to the new program.

If the points don’t line up at first, please review the rewards page to ensure a) no credits were added instead of rewards progress and b) the rewards program migrated a proportional amount of progress (example if the program went from spend $50 / earn $5 to spend $100 / earn $10 and you were had recorded $25 thus far, your progress towards the next reward will correctly change from 50% to 25% with the change to the new program).

If you’ve confirmed your progress hasn’t transferred over correctly, or if you have any questions about the process, please reach out to us at support@thelevelup.com and we’ll be happy to assist!

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