I need help troubleshooting my LevelUp-powered app!

Occasionally, your preferred LevelUp app won’t work. This can be caused by a range of things, from a missing or pending update, to the app not being able to access necessary services on your device. Utilizing the below steps, you’ll be able to fix nearly any issue that comes your way!


The App Stops Working (Various Error Messages; Blank Screens; Infinite Loading)

The most common cause of an app error is a missing or pending update. When the app is out of date -- because it’s calling on information that’s no longer accurate -- it can result in timeouts, missing or incorrect information, blank pages, or confusing error messages. To resolve these errors, please delete and reinstall the application. If the issue persists, please restart the device you’re using to check for system updates.

A similar cause for these errors is an inconsistent network connection. If possible and if the reinstall doesn't work, please also try changing networks (from data to WiFi or from WiFi to data).


The App Loads Locations out of Order or Doesn’t Load Locations at all

When the app is downloaded, it requests access to your device’s location services. If that permission isn’t granted, the app will still function for in-store orders and will try to function for order ahead orders, but, because it doesn’t have access to the tools necessary to complete some of those functions, may occasionally timeout, load locations out of order, or load a blank page. To fix this, either delete and reinstall the app and allow permissions for location services upon reinstall, or manually turn on location services by going to the device’s settings, selecting apps, selecting the app in question, then turning location services on.


The App ‘Scan’ Feature Returns Blank or Black Page

When the ‘Scan’ feature (currently used for loading gift cards into some LevelUp apps) doesn’t open a camera and instead returns a blank or black page, it means the app doesn’t have permission to use the device’s camera. To fix this,  either delete and reinstall the app and allow camera permissions upon reinstall, or manually turn on camera permissions by going to the device’s settings, selecting apps, selecting the app in question, then the camera on.


The App Provides an error about my Account

Any account errors should identify how they can be resolved. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer support team over at support@thelevelup.com!


These Troubleshooting Steps Didn’t Work!

If you’ve run through all the above troubleshooting steps (delete / reinstall app, restart device, enable specific function in the phone’s settings), please reach out to us at support@thelevelup.com and include any relevant screenshots. If you can’t take a screenshot, please provide the error message word for word as it appears on your screen. Finally, please also include the following details about your device so we can replicate the issue on our end and devise a fix!

1) Device type (e.g. iPhone, Samsung)

2) Device model number (e.g. 5S, Galaxy S4)

3) Operating system (e.g. iOS, Android [with Gingerbread, Ice Cream, etc. if possible])

4) Operating system version number (e.g. 7.0.4, 3.0)

5) App version number (e.g. 2.4, 1.0.0)

6) Date issue occurred

7) Time issue occurred

8) Time zone or city in which issue occurred


To find the Android OS:

1) Hit the Menu button at the bottom of your screen.

2) Scroll down and tap “Settings”

3) Scroll to the bottom and tap “About phone”

4) Scroll to “Android Version” and take a look at the number that’s printed right below it.


To find the iPhone OS:

1) Tap on the “Settings” icon.

2) Scroll down and tap “General”

3) At the top, tap “About”

4) Scroll to “Version” and take a look at the number that’s printed to the right of it.


(If you are using the LevelUp App) To find the version of the app running on your phone:

1) Open the LevelUp app.

2) Go to Settings.

3) Scroll all the way to the bottom and take a look at the number that’s printed.

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