How to update banking information

Where and how do I update my banking information?

  • Log in to your Business Dashboard at using your merchant or location specific credentials (username and password)
  • Click Accounting > Bank Accounts > Add New Bank Account
  • Add the bank account details and click 'Create Bank Account'
  • If you wish to set the newly added bank account as your business' default, then on the Bank Accounts page, click 'Default Bank Account' next to the one that you just added
  • If there are multiple bank accounts already added to your merchant dashboard, and you need to set specific bank accounts per location:
    • Click Settings > Locations
    • Click 'Edit' next to the location for which you need to set a bank account
    • Scroll down to the Payments section and select the proper bank account under the Payment Preferences dropdown menu
    • When finished, be sure to save your changes by clicking the 'Update Location' button!

How do I remove an old bank account?

  • While in the Dashboard, go to Accounting > Bank Accounts
  • To the right of the bank account click the 'Remove' option
    • Note: This needs to be completed by the primary contact on the Dashboard. LevelUp cannot make any changes to a bank account once it has been added to a merchant account.
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