How do I change the payment method linked to my account?

You can manage your payment method(s) from the LevelUp & LevelUp powered app(s) or the Control Panel online.

From the app:

  • Open the LevelUp or LevelUp powered app and login
  • Open Settings > Payment Method
  • If one was already selected, your current default Payment Method will be shown
  • If one has not yet been added, it will ask that you add one by selecting 'Change Payment Method'
  • Tap the 'Change Payment Method' button
  • Select Any Debit Card, Any Credit Card (or Sprint Bill, where applicable)
  • If Debit or Credit Card was chosen, fill in your card information (or scan your card in!) and then tap the 'Link Card' button
  • Once added, it will be made your default Payment Method and will be shown on the main Payment Method screen

From the web:

  • Login to your account at
  • Click Payment
  • To remove a card, click 'Remove' to the right of the card and confirm
  • To add a new card, click 'Add New Card,' fill in your card information and click 'Add New Card' again

Please note that removing all payment methods will prevent you from transacting. 

Depending on the Payment Preference chosen, the payment method that is shown will be charged for any individual transaction, as well as any reloads, as applicable, on an account.

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