What is LevelUp and how do I pay with it?

LevelUp is a free app that enables you to pay with your phone. LevelUp also powers a number of other apps, branded specifically for some of our partner merchants, that have various customized features. 
Why should I pay with LevelUp? 
  • Paying with your phone is fun, fast, and super convenient!
  • When you pay with LevelUp, you save money.
  • Pay with LevelUp every time you visit. As you do, you'll progress towards unlocking additional savings at that business. There’s no fine print. There’s no need to buy a deal, claim an offer or print anything out.
Ready to get started? 
  • Download the free LevelUp app or visit www.TheLevelUp.com to join.
  • Register and link a valid form of payment to get your unique LevelUp QR Code.
  • Head to your favorite LevelUp business and pay with LevelUp. To pay, scan your LevelUp QR Code at checkout. You’ll get an instant email receipt and push notification detailing your purchase!
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