What measures does LevelUp take to ensure security?

LevelUp takes security incredibly seriously. Don't let some of our funny titles fool you, security is no joking matter. We spend a tremendous amount of time working to raise the standard for payment security.

Here's a quick run-down of some of the specific security mechanisms we employ:

  • All The Security Of Your Card: LevelUp is linked to your debit or credit card. So, you get all the security of your card PLUS all the security of LevelUp. 
  • No Credit/Debit Card Information Is Stored By LevelUp: We do not store your credit/debit card information on LevelUp's servers. We have partnered with Braintree (http://braintreepaymentsolutions.com), a globally respected payment gateway, to leverage their secure vault solutions for all credit/debit card storage. LevelUp's servers are incredibly secure, but by leveraging Braintree for storage, we are able to add another layer of security. 
  • Triple Token System: The data encoded in your LevelUp Code is NOT your credit or debit card information. It's a random token with no meaningful information in it. You can reset it at any time. It maps to a token on our servers which maps to yet another token in the Braintree Vault. Only the combination of these tokens (and two other factors of authentication) can initiate a transaction. This triple token system means that you carry no actual payment data around with you on a daily basis (as opposed to all that live payment data in your wallet right now), but rather keys to keys to keys to unlock payment data. 
  • De-Authenticating Your Devices: You can, at any time, reset your code from within your account online. This will change your code, de-authenticating all devices logged into your account. Simply log back in to get your brand new code. 
  • Radical Transparency: With each transaction, you get a digital receipt via email and a push notification. Something look wrong? One click and your account is paused and your code is reset.
  • Advanced Algorithms: We've got all the algorithms to identify any sketchy behavior, so we're always looking out for you. 
  • Enhanced Security Kept Private: Some more stuff that we can't tell you about. But trust us, there's a lot of effort put into behind-the-scenes techniques to ensure that you can pay with LevelUp with complete confidence. 

Compare all of these to the wallet you have in your pocket right now. Your credit card data is there, unencrypted, un-PIN-locked and with limited confirmations sent to you when a purchase occurs.

Additionally, consider the following situation: When you're at a restaurant, have you ever thought about what happens when a waiter takes your credit card away from the table? What are they doing with it? Could they be copying down your information? Purchasing something online? Licking it? Granted, they're probably not...but who knows? And in reality, that interaction (when your card disappears for 5-10 minutes) is where the plurality of all identity theft in the United States occurs. With LevelUp, your payment method never leaves your hands. Ever. Just another way we're working to raise the bar on payment security.

If you have any further thoughts on how we can improve security, either for LevelUp or for the payments industry as a whole, please feel free to email us at support@thelevelup.com and we'll route it to our security team and get back to you as soon as possible.

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