How do I refund a transaction from LevelUp?

You can either refund the order directly from your LevelUp tablet, integrated POS system, or online via the Merchant Dashboard. You can issue full refunds at this time.

If you are using a non-integrated setup:

  • When a customer returns to your business to request a refund, start by heading over to your LevelUp terminal, opening the Merchant App and tapping History (it looks like a little clock in the upper right corner of your screen)
  • If the transaction occurred in the last few days, locate the transaction that you wish to refund and click Refund. This will refund the full transaction amount back to the customer's card (or to credit, if any was used). 
  • If the transaction does not show under Transaction History (was not within the last few days), you'll need to do so from the Business Dashboard - see below for instructions.

If you are using an integrated setup:

  • Process a LevelUp refund just the same way you'd process any other refund from your POS :)!

On the Business Dashboard:

  • Log into your Business Dashboard at using your merchant credentials
  • Click the Accounting tab > Transactions
  • Locate the transaction (using Filters, if needed) and click Refund

Partial refunds:

  • We are working towards enabling partial refunds via the Merchant Dashboard. In the meantime, please either request a partial refund from our Support team at, or process a full refund and then recharge the customer for the proper amount
      • Note that if you process a full refund in order to recharge the customer a lesser amount, the customer must be present with their LevelUp QR Code; the customer cannot be recharged remotely by our Support team
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