What if the customer scans their LevelUp QR Code before I’m ready?

When a customer scans their LevelUp Code prematurely at your LevelUp terminal, don’t panic! This rarely affects the transaction process.

If LevelUp is not integrated into your POS system or register:

  • You will see that the “Enter Amount" screen is already up on your LevelUp terminal.
  • Go ahead and enter the amount, hit Submit and then close out the transaction in your POS or register.

If LevelUp is integrated into your POS system:

  • Think of a premature LevelUp QR code scan as a premature credit card swipe. In both scenarios, you would continue to add items into your POS until the order is complete.
  • The customer's QR code is available on the scanner as long as the scanner has changed to a different color than its original state (in its original state, it will be glowing white).
    • If your POS integration does not utilize the physical LevelUp button, sometimes an error message will appear and you'll need to start over.
  • If it has gone back to the original state, simply have the customer re-scan their QR code and process the transaction as you normally would!
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