What is LevelUp?

How to describe it to Customers:

Short version: LevelUp is the free app that enables you to pay with your phone!

Long Version: LevelUp is the free app that enables you to pay with your phone at thousands of businesses nationwide, including ours. When you pay with LevelUp, you save money. Pay with LevelUp every time you visit. As you do, you'll progress towards unlocking additional savings at our business. Think of it as us saying “Thanks for coming back. We recognize that you’re one of our best customers!”

For Businesses:

LevelUp is a mobile payment network used by 1MM customers and 5000+ businesses nationwide. LevelUp adds value to your business in three powerful ways:

  1. LevelUp saves you money.
  2. LevelUp makes you money.
  3. LevelUp provides valuable data about your customers and resources to bring them back more often.

What forms of LevelUp exist?
LevelUp can be an app on a customer's smart phone (iPhone or Android), or a physical card with their custom QR code.

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