When will I receive payments?

LevelUp submits payments to your bank account every day. Our payment cycles begin and end at 5am Eastern Time every morning. We submit payments within one hour after the payment cycle has ended, and the payment typically takes 24 hours to arrive in your bank account. Some banks may take longer than 24 hours to process payments, particularly on weekends and holidays.

Transaction Occurs

Payment In Bank Account

Sunday at 5:00am ET – Monday at 4:59am ET

Tuesday morning

Monday at 5:00am ET – Tuesday at 4:59am ET

Wednesday morning

Tuesday at 5:00am ET – Wednesday at 4:59am ET

Thursday morning

Wednesday at 5:00am ET – Thursday at 4:59am ET

Friday morning

Thursday at 5:00am ET – Friday at 4:59am ET

Saturday morning

Friday at 5:00am ET – Saturday at 4:59am ET

Sunday morning

Saturday at 5:00am ET – Sunday at 4:59am ET

Monday morning

With each deposit, you'll get an email detailing how the payment was calculated. As soon as we've submitted the payment, your Business Dashboard will be updated with the details of the payment.

In the middle of a payment cycle, you can track your sales using our LevelUp Merchant app or by visiting your Business Dashboard.

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