How do LevelUp payments appear in my bank account?

You'll see payments appear on your statement within a few days after we've processed them. For most banks, you're likely to see the payment within 24 hours, but some banks can take longer.

We have two options for how you'd like the payments to appear – grouped & ungrouped.

Grouped Payments
With this option, you'll see one ACH transfer hit your account that represents your net payment. Any fees or advertising credit redeemed by customers has already been removed from your payment before it's deposited.

Ungrouped Payments
By choosing ungrouped payments, you'll see multiple ACH transfers on your account every day: an ACH credit representing your total sales, an ACH debit representing your net spent on advertising (if applicable), and an ACH debit representing the amount spent on interchange (if applicable).

If you need to change this, you can do so at any time. Just contact us at

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