How does LevelUp handle fraud, chargebacks, or disputes?


LevelUp takes fraud very seriously. Fraud on LevelUp can only be conducted if someone steals someone else's phone or an image of their QR code, and as a result it's exceedingly rare. Both of these cases can be prevented with one click on our website.

In the event fraud does occur, we will investigate each situation and rectify it at no cost to our merchants.

Chargebacks & Disputes

LevelUp's unique security model means that when we approve a transaction, we mean it. Credit card processors reserve the right to "change their mind" on payments up to 60-90 days later with huge chargeback fees and little room to dispute. This can often be as much as 0.5% of total volume (chargebacks and fees included). With LevelUp, we vouched for the customer when we approved the transaction and we stand by it. You're 100% shielded from any chargebacks when customers pay with LevelUp.

If it appears the chargeback may be legitimate, we will reach out to the business to discuss it. Otherwise, we will dispute the chargeback by providing proof that the transaction occurred, including the business, location, and time at which it took place.

If a customer disputes a transaction with us without issuing a formal chargeback, we will follow the same process. A customer will never be refunded for a disputed transaction without us first discussing it with the business.

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