How do refunds work?

Refunds in LevelUp can be conducted from the LevelUp terminal or the Business Dashboard. Most refunds are done as quick corrections right after a transaction is processed. When a refund is done, we "unwind" the transaction. Any part of the transaction that was paid with credit goes back to being credit. Any amount that was charged to the customer's card is refunded to their card. In fact, if the refund is done the same day as the transaction occurred, the charge will never settle onto the customer's card at all.

If a refund occurs in a different payment cycle than the original order (i.e. a day or more after the transaction occurred), the amount is deducted from the current payment cycle. You'll see it reflected on your daily payment email for that day.

Some businesses only allow managers to process refunds. We can add a 5-digit PIN code (of your choosing) if you'd like to limit the people that can process refunds. In order to refund a transaction, that 5-digit code will need to entered, which you can share with whomever you'd like. Contact us to get it set up on your account.

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