LevelUp and My Staff

When you're getting setup to accept LevelUp as a method of payment you'll chat with our Support Team. They'll work with you and your staff to ensure everyone is trained. Educating your staff on how to use and speak about LevelUp is simple - whether it's through an intranet, all-staff meetings, or a direct-to-manager communication.

Why is it important for my staff to be on board with LevelUp? 
For some, LevelUp is your loyalty program, so you want your employees to be excited so that your customers will be too. If a staff member speaks poorly about LevelUp, it will discourage your customers from joining, and you'll miss out on the opportunity to make a regular old customer into one of your best customers. Not to mention, we save you money on payment processing fees!

My staff needs more training. Can we schedule a training session? 
Absolutely! Just call our Support Team at 855-538-3542 or email support@thelevelup.com and we'd be happy to help schedule a training session. These training sessions are conducted remotely, over the phone, so we generally recommend putting together a staff meeting for this, so everyone can be included.

Touching the customer's phone: 
Please remind your staff to never, ever take or touch a customer's phone. Customers are very protective of their phones, and will likely be concerned that their security and privacy are being compromised, never mind the germs! Instead, have employees verbally guide the customer to assist them during the transaction, if needed.

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