My LevelUp terminal isn't working. Help!

Because there are a few different types of scanners & tablets, the troubleshooting efforts may differ. However, the basics will generally be the same. Follow the steps below for quick things to check. For a visual reference, please check out the PDF attached to this page; you can find the link at the bottom of this page. If you are unable to get it working or prefer to contact us immediately, email us at or call 855-538-3542.

If you're using a non-integrated setup (Phone + Scanner):

  • Check to make sure that all cables are fully connected.
  • Make sure that your tablet is charging. You can test this by plugging it into a different outlet. If it's charged and it was just dead, then give it a few minutes with a good outlet to get its charge back. Once charged (about an hour), try opening the application and running a test transaction. You can do this by pulling up the LevelUp app on your own personal device, or by generating a test code in the Settings section of the LevelUp Dashboard. If you don’t have access to the app or the Merchant Dashboard, please reach out to our Support team at 855.538.3542 and we’ll be happy to assist you with running a test transaction at your location.
  • If you see an airplane icon over the signal, that means the tablet is in airplane mode. To turn off airplane mode, hold the power button down for a few seconds until a pop-up box appears. Choose the "airplane" option to turn airplane mode off.
  • If the scanner connects to the merchant phone via Bluetooth, you may want to try unpairing and repairing the devices to see if this resolves the issue. For detailed instructions on how to attempt this, please be sure to visit

If you're using an integrated setup (Scanner Only w/ Point of Sale System):

  • Check to make sure that all cables are fully connected, including the LevelUp button (if applicable). 
  • Is the scanner "stuck" on green? A scanner only displaying the green color means that the hardware has failed and that a replacement is needed.
  • Is the scanner dark/unlit? An unlit scanner may mean that the hardware has failed or that the scanner isn't receiving enough power to operate properly.
  • Does the scanner flash red during a transaction?  When a scanner flashes red, this typically indicates that there is a problem transmitting data from the scanner to the register.

Before reaching out to us for a hardware replacement, please be sure to attempt these troubleshooting steps for the LevelUp scanner to see if you’re able to resolve the issue you’re experiencing.

  • Try changing the USB port on the register. Typically, USB ports 1 and 2 pull power from the same source. If the scanner is plugged into port 1, please try port 3 or 4.
  • Try swapping the scanner to another register. A good way to determine if an issue is hardware related is to move the scanner to another terminal to see if the issue can be repeated. If the behavior is repeated on another register, it's likely that the issue is related to the hardware.
  • Try swapping out the scanner cable. If the cable that connects the scanner to the register is damaged, this may cause connectivity issues.

If you find that the issue is being caused by the hardware, please reach out to our Support team at your earliest convenience to get a replacement. Our team can be reached 24/7 by calling 855.538.3542.

If you have determined that the behavior you’re experiencing is not due to an issue with the LevelUp hardware, another troubleshooting step you can take is to restart your LevelUp interface service. If your POS system is hosted locally on a master terminal or on a back-of-house computer, you’ll be able to attempt this troubleshooting step.

Restarting your LevelUp Service:

  • Click the Start menu on your back-of-house terminal; select 'Run' or hit CTRL + R to search files
  • Type in 'services.msc' and hit Enter on the keyboard
  • A new window will open that looks like the image below
  • services_msc.png
  • Locate ‘LevelUp Interface Service’ and right click on the service.
  • Select "Start the service" or "Restart the service," depending on the options presented in the left-hand panel
  • Close the Services window and attempt to run a test transaction

If the test transaction is successful, this means that your LevelUp service is running properly and you’ll be good to go!

If it's a specific error message that is popping up on the screen, if your dealer or POS rep setup the integration for you, be sure to call them for troubleshooting efforts. If you set up the integration via or our Support team walked you through the integration over the phone, be sure to call us at 855.538.3542 to troubleshoot.

None of that worked. Now what?

Contact or call 855-538-3542. In the meantime, you can download the free LevelUp Merchant app on Android and conduct the transaction right from your smart device! See your manager to get your phone approved.

Additionally, if you received new hardware and need some help setting it up, feel free to review this page for help! 

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