Handling LevelUp transactions at a full service restaurant

As a server accepting LevelUp, you are responsible for making the LevelUp transaction easy and free of awkwardness. These are your most loyal customers (or are on their way to becoming them) so you want to do it right! LevelUp customers also tip 21% on average -- for real.

Delivering the Check: 

  • Grab a check holder and a LevelUp terminal - sometimes these are handheld tablets that scan at the table or tablets to capture QR codes which you then scan at a POS station. This is normally one of the LevelUp-provided devices, but could be on your own Android device. Just download the free LevelUp Merchant app. Talk to your manager to set that up.
  • When you arrive at the table, drop off the bill and inform the table, “If you want to pay with LevelUp, I’ve got my device ready.” (Visibly show the LevelUp terminal so customers can see it.) Depart from the table to allow the party to decide how they’d like to pay.

Processing the Transaction (they will react one of three ways):

  • Yes, I’d like to pay with LevelUp! 
    • This is AWESOME. Anytime a table or member of one of your tables pays with LevelUp, they are on the path to becoming a loyal customer. Bottom line: It’s going to be a tipping bonanza.
    • Process the transaction using a LevelUp provided device or via the LevelUp Merchant App.
  • Wait, what? I’ve never heard of that. What’s LevelUp?
    • Say something like "LevelUp is a fast and easy way to pay (and if applicable, our high-tech loyalty program)."
    • If you have it, point out any LevelUp marketing materials in the check holder. This gets them started so you can keep an eye on your other tables.
  • They pay with cash or card like normal.
    • Cool. Just another normal transaction. If people prefer to pay with cash or cards, that’s totally fine.

Post Transaction:

  • Return the check presenters where they belong and replenish marketing materials when needed.
  • Plug in the LevelUp terminal or tablet so it will be charged for your next LevelUp transaction!

Things to Avoid

  • Don’t take the customer’s phone and walk away with it or take it out of their hand. The entire transaction is always done at the table. They will present their QR code toward you or place it on the table and you will scan it with the LevelUp device.
  • Don’t touch the customer’s phone under any circumstances. If they are not on the correct screen, navigate them verbally to their LevelUp QR code screen on the app. It's the first screen once logged in.
  • Don’t let the LevelUp provided terminal(s) lose charge. Plug them in instantly / at the end of the shift. Always be charging.

If at any point you need help with any of the above or ensuring that your staff are well trained, check out our article on LevelUp and My Staff here.

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