How do I process LevelUp transactions?

If you are using a non-integrated setup:

  • Ring up the full sale price in the POS system or register, with tax included
  • Have the customer scan their unique QR code at the LevelUp scanner. Their QR code could be on a physical card or through the app.
  • The color will change on the scanner to indicate that the scan was successful.
  • Enter the final sale price on the tablet, including tax. Don't worry about calculating LevelUp credit; we will apply that for you.
  • Hit submit and confirm with the 'Transaction Completed' screen. This will charge the customer for the amount you entered. That's it!

Need to issue a refund? See our article about refunding transactions.

If you are using an integrated setup*:

  • Ring up full sale price on POS system
  • Don't worry about calculating credit; LevelUp applies that automatically
  • Click tender button associated to LevelUp
  • When prompted on the POS, have the customer scan their QR code at the LevelUp scanner - it might be on a card or their phone
  • Push the LevelUp physical button, when applicable, to send the QR code to the POS
  • Order will automatically close out

Processing LevelUp transactions will be specific to your POS system. If you need assistance, refer to

What if the customer scans before I'm ready? 

Should I issue the customer a paper receipt? 
Not necessarily! Here are a couple reasons to not print a receipt:

  • It Might Not Be Accurate: The consumer's digital receipt will show what (if any) credit was applied. This credit includes credit that you might be funding as the merchant (through campaigns you are running) or credit that might have come from LevelUp directly (we often give users global credit to spend anywhere) or that they received from elsewhere. Although the customer will get a digital receipt which outlines all credit applied on their order, the physical receipt will not include credit applied. For this reason, the receipt you would print out might actually not be accurate to the transaction from the customer's perspective. 
  • Consumers Don't Expect It When They Pay With LevelUp: Consumers are used to not getting paper receipts when they pay with LevelUp because they always get digital receipts.
  • It's Faster: Not printing a receipt means time saved not waiting for the printer to print or handing it to the customer.
  • You Can Save A Tree: Not printing receipts is green! It reduces trash and "pocket clutter syndrome."

How do I account for credit and fees?

  • A complete summary of what transaction data you can access, how, and when can be found here
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