What are my different billing options available through LevelUp?

The LevelUp app currently supports Instant Billing (meaning you will be charged at the time of your transaction) but several apps powered by LevelUp offer other billing methods. To see what billing methods are offered by your favorite apps, check out the “Payment Method” or “Manage Cards” section of the app to set your preferences. The details of the available payment methods depending on your app are explained below:

Loyalty Only or “None”

Loyalty only is when you scan the app in-store just to track your points for earning rewards. If you prefer to not link a credit or debit card to your account and want to pay outside of this app, then this would be the best billing method for you! It is important to note that with this method, the app must be scanned in-store prior to paying for your purchase otherwise the transaction will not be recorded.


This billing method allows you to preload $25 in credit onto your account to use towards all future transactions with that app. When the balance drops below $10, more credit will automatically be added to your account. Some apps allow you to choose varying amounts in $25 increments. These settings can be changed within the same Payment Method section of the app. Your available balance for preloaded credit will always be shown within the rewards section of the app.

Instant Billing

Instant billing is as straightforward as it sounds. When you transact through the app, your card on file will instantly be charged at the time of your transaction.


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