I disputed a LevelUp transaction with my bank or credit card issuer and now I can’t use my app. What do I do?

Submission of a dispute involves a mandatory process that can take weeks to months before it's resolved. In order to restore your account, this process must be completed. The quickest way to resolve this issue is to contact your bank and instruct them to drop the dispute.  If we receive an update from your card issuer that the dispute has been dropped, we will be back in touch to let you know that your account has been reactivated and we can look further into the disputed charge.

Here are some common reasons why a charge may have looked unfamiliar or inaccurate:

If you made a mistake disputing your payment, the process can be expedited by contacting your card issuer to drop the dispute.

If your bank or card issuer has already reimbursed you for the mistaken dispute (i.e. the charge was valid), please just send us an email to support@thelevelup.com explicitly stating that you authorize a recharge, and include the amount of the recharge in your message.

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